Hat Tier List

A list to show the value of hats and where they stand in the infinite world of Team Fortress 2.

T1: Bottom of the Barrel
Bonk Helm
Baseball Bill's Sports Shine (Hatless Scout)
Bombing Run
Exquisite Rack
Brain Bucket
Madame Dixie
Prancer's Pride
Stately Steel Toe
Dead Cone 
Handyman's Handle
Respectless Rubber Glove
Tam O' Shanter
Football Helmet
Coupe D'isaster
Magnificent Mongolian
Hard Counter
Pugilist's Protector
Mining Light
Buckaroos Hat
Industrial Festivizer
Texas Slim's Dome Shine (Hatless Engie)
German Gonzila
Trophy Belt
Bloke's Bucket Hat
Ritzy Rick's Hair Fixative (Hatless Sniper)
Otolaryngologist's Mirror
Gentleman's Gatbsy 
Backbiter's Billycock
Camera Beard

T2: Dust Collectors
Batter's Helmet
Ye Olde Baker Boy
Flipped Trilby
Whoopee Cap
Dr's Dapper Topper
Stainless Pot
Soldier's Stash
Stout Shako
Napper's Respite
Pyro's Beanie
Old Guadalajara
Glengarry Bonnet
Carouser's Capotain
Demoman's Fro
Scotsman's Stove Pipe
Sober Stuntman
Cadaver's Cranium
Heavy Duty Rag
Tough Guy's Toque
Dread Knot
Copper's Hard Top
Engineer's Cap
Prairie Heel Biters
German Gonzila
Geisha boy
Professional's Panama
Shooter's Sola Topi
Magistrate's Mullet
Frenchman's Beret

T3: The Overshadowed
Tyrant's Helm
Sergeant's Drill Hat
Chieftain's Challenge
Brigade Helm
Tippler's Tricorne
Rimmed Raincatcher
Officer's Ushanka
Hetman's Headpiece
Prarie Heel Biters
Private Eye
Doctor's Sack
Prussian Pickelhaube
D├ętective Noir
Fancy Fedora 
Janissary Ketche 
Master's Yellow Belt
Noble Amassment of Hats
Horrific Headsplitter

T4: The Affordable Wants
Killer's Kabuto
Defiant Spartan
Triboniophorus Tyrannus
Vintage Merryweather
Pyromancer's Mask
Hustler's Hallmark
Prince Tavish's Crown
Hound Dog
Security Shades
Texas Ten Gallon
Professor's Peculiarity
Vintage Tyrolean
Ze Goggles
Larrikin Robin
Towering Pillar of Hats
Modest Pile of Hat
A Rather Festive Tree 

T5: Valued Wanted
Troublemaker's Tossle Cap
Furious Fukaamigasa
Grenadier's Softcap
Scotch Bonnet
Big Chief
Big Country‎
Ol' Geezer 
Western Wear
Large Luchadore
Berliner's Bucket Helm
Medic's Mountain Cap‎
Grimm Hatte‎
Crocleather Slouch
Noh Mercy
Planeswalker Helm
Whiskered Gentleman
Company Man

T6: Elusive Wares
Bonk Boy
Hero's Tail
Hero's Hachimaki
Jumper's Jeepcap
Armored Authority
Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet 
Connoisseur's Cap
Sultan's Ceremonial
Conjurer's Cowl
Capo's Capper
Blighted Beak
Physician's Procedure Mask
Desert Marauder
Ol' Snaggletooth
Familiar Fez
Cosa Nostra Cap
Charmer's Chapeau‎ 
Rogue's Col Roule
Le Party Phantom 

T7: Expensive Hats 
Sign of the Wolf's School
Honcho's Headgear
Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe
Fancy Dress
Hottie's Hoodie
Dragonborn Helmet
Purity Fist
Googly Gazer
Villain's Veil 
Made Man